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This place is delicious. It's definitely got to be one of the best Chinese-korean restaurants that I've been to. We had the Mapo tofu, Fri dumplings, samsun gan jja jang(noodles w/ black bean sauce + seafood), and jap chae bap(rice with stir fried vegentables & clear noodles). The service and busser were very efficient and we never lacked for anything. Our server was always there at the right times and took our orders and brought out the kimchi and onions immediately after taking our orders Definitely a place to come back to for some delicious chinese and Korean flavors.
Joanne L.
Truly one of a kind chinese experience. Fast, friendly and attentive staff and dining. The in-laws can be picky about their chinese, and this place treats us very well. Excellent for a first time. We enjoyed our fresh Wor Wonton Soup with plenty of veggies and succulent dumplings. The fish filet with black bean sauce was piled with goodness. The waiter treated us to red bean desert for all, which put a smile on everyone's face!

Highly recommended for the service and the great food!
Danny A.

I have been to this place countless times, my grandpa loves going here for birthday celebrations since the food is pretty good and affordable.

The last time I visited with family we were celebrating my sisters birthday, they gave her a gift of $25 credit to come back which was very sweet of them! Since there was a lot of people in that day they decided to make their noodles in the dining area for demonstration and that was a pretty good show. I feel like these people go out of their way to please their customers when nothing much is really expected.

One of my favorite items on the menu would be the moo shu pork and wonton soup. The quality is on the higher end for these dishes and I will usually order this every time.

I actually stopped by during my lunch break to order to go yesterday, as I waited for my food the waitress brought me out an iced cold lemonade on the house since it was a pretty hot day. She had also packed me up an extra serving of rice because she noticed I did not order any with my Mongolian beef ( was planning to make some at home, but now I didn't have to) I felt like the service here was again very courteous so I decided to tip well.

These gestures definitely prove a lot about a business and how well they treat their customers, because of this I am finally writing my review! Thank you guys!
Jessica S.
Awesome chow mien, orange chicken and Kim chi. Vegetables are crispy not over cooked. Service is very friendly and fast.
Diane F.
I was slapped in the face with a fishy order as we first came in, we got accustomed to the smell about 5 minutes time. two or 3 families of asian decent were present chopping it up having a good time ,which put me at ease. I was thinking about going to the car for a quick puff to increase my appetite, but before I could get up the fried prawns were upon us. Wow that was fast, and I believe the best fried prawns I ever tasted. The pork fried rice was a hit and we found a new place for good chinese american food! Good by panda express, and Tony at Snow Garden way up to San Fran. And hello China way our new spot.
Esther A.
I love love love love this place.
The good is delicious. The service is good. It's my favorite korean-Chinese restaurant in the area. I never eat left overs, but when I do have left overs when I come here (on the rare occasion) I look forward to eating my left overs. I have cravings for their food at least every other week. Give this place a try. You won't regret it, and you'll keep on going back.
Angelina L.
China Way has become our go to Chinese restaurant. I haven't seen much of a Korean influence which is fine with me because I love Chinese food more. I adore their Roast pork chow fun, Eggplant with garlic sauce and wor wonton soup. We have had almost every chicken and vegetarian dish on the menu and loved each and every one of them.

I have never seen the issues that Theresa V talks about and we have chow fun almost every time we go there.

The staff is always super friendly and it is typically a fairly busy, noisy place but the service is almost fast.
Adrienne F.

Been coming here since I was a kid, very friendly atmosphere, I definitely recommend the sizzling rice soup, egg rolls, and the broccoli beef.
Byron E.
I've seen this place pretty busy before but never got around to trying it out. Our friends ask my husband and I to dinner so I finally got to try it out. Some of the great dishes we ordered were the sizzling rice soup, orange chicken, and beef chow fun. I checked in on yelp and noticed we get a free egg roll. Before I could even show the waiter he placed an order for us, one per person.

The food was really good! Very fresh. I had no complaints what so ever! All in all we ordered 1 soup, 2 grain dishes, 1 seafood dish, 1 chicken dish, 1 veggie dish, and free egg rolls and tea. The total was about $55 about half of what I though the check was going to be.

I'm a new fan of this establishment and will definitely be back!
Malia W.

I had the world's best jajang mein today (vegetarian at request). The noodles are handmade and deliciously chewy. The sauce is of ultimate perfection. It brings back childhood memories of watching my late grandpa labor over a coal stove to make his specialty jajang mein.
I am in love.
Tif W.
This is my favorite korean-chinese restautant. Their black bean sauce noodles (jja jjang myun) is the best I've ever had. Its noodles are hand-made, fresh and nicely chewy. It is not easy to find a korean-chinese restautant serving this quality of taste even in Korea. Both thumbs up.
Roy S.
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